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1st in a series! 


 Are you in need of a miracle of  healing or deliverance in your life? Do you know someone else in need?

Set to soothing music, Ginger reads passages from the Holy Scriptures. This CD is a truly anointed and God-ordained project that will help you or someone you love find God's hope and healing  in their life. 

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          Quote from Book

"I awoke startled, as if an electric charge had been set off in my body. I had a sudden sense of foreboding that something dark, something evil stood beside me, overshadowing me. I was unable to see it, unable to touch it. However, this...presence permeated every inch of the room. It was large, oppressive and terrifying.

The room was suddenly fragmented with an iciness that was unknown to me. The very air became dead. Suddenly, I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t move. “God help me,” I prayed. “What’s going on? What’s wrong?” It was as if someone or something was on my chest, on my neck choking me. I was becoming lightheaded from the lack of oxygen. I was completely paralyzed, unable to call out, unable to reach for my husband for help. Was this it? Was this death coming to take me? This had never happened before...not like this..." 

"...Satan was deliberately and hatefully planting seeds in my mind that would eventually produce a macabre harvest of torment and destruction. It was a reaping he had worked carefully and diligently for, and was more than ready and willing to call this harvest in. Little did he know, the reaper (himself), would eventually be left standing in the field where his harvest of terror would be burned to the ground by the holy fire of God."

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           *  Breathe

           *  He Loves Me

           *  If Not For Grace

           *  Amazing Grace

           *  He Knows My Name

           *  Just To Be Close To You

           * O Come Emmanuel/

                        What A Friend

           *  Breath Of Heaven

           *  Dance With Me


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